Thursday, 8 September 2016

Form Class Football

The third of our inter-form class sporting events has taken place. The indoor football was a huge success with students entering a team of 5 to represent their form class. 9AT were the eventual winners after an epic final against 9GW. Check out some of the media below as well as seeing how our points table is shaping up.


Thursday, 1 September 2016

Writing Week

Writing Week is an annual Year 9 tradition where every form class chooses a theme and they each contribute a piece of writing that is displayed in the Library. The student's designs are then on display for all the school to see (and read!)

The quality of both the visual presentations and the writing was excellent this year and the judges really enjoyed delving in to each one. So much thought had gone in to each element which made it great to judge but also really hard - they were all so good!

The 3rd place was awarded to 9AT with their display on Science Fiction and the Future. It was easy to read each piece of writing and they covered lots of fascinating aspects of the genre.

2nd place goes to 9DR who had the outstanding idea making their writing revolve around a scrabble board and all of their individual experiences being in Year 9 this year. It was incredibly clever and it was great to read about their journey.

In first place is Twisted Fairy Tales created by 9CN. They certainly lived up to their brief and the writing demonstrated a lovely range of pieces highly creative ideas. 

If you haven't had time to see the amazing work done by the Year 9 English classes, go along to the library.

Thanks to all those who allowed me to share their work below.