Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Cross Country

Yesterday was the perfect day for a Year 9 Cross Country event. More than 95% of the Year group either ran or walked the track which I am super pleased with. The idea of giving things a go and getting involved is so apparent with this bunch of students. Congratulations to 9CN for taking out the Cross Country and with it the overall Form-Class competition for this 2016. They will be invited to a morning tea next week to celebrate their success. Well done to all students who were involved yesterday.

Sunday, 20 November 2016


The Year 9's are almost done in their end of year Examinations. These junior school assessments provide great practice for NCEA which they will sit once they get to Year 11. The students have really taken to Exam revision and the rewards will pay off once grades come in. Here is a few pics sneakily taken during the recent Science Examination.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Dodgeball & Chess

The last two events of our inter-form class competition have now wrapped up. 9MT have stormed back in to contention with dominating wins in both events. This means it is all on the line ( a morning tea for the winning class, and bragging rights...) with just one event to go; the cross-country. 

This is scheduled for Tuesday November the 23rd period 5 and involves the entire year group running a 2km course around school grounds. The points are structured so that everyone's placing will have an influence on the overall event winner. This meas that if your a runner the difference between finishing 3rd or 4th (in your gender category) is the same as finishing 56th or 57th. Let's hope everyone can give it their best on Tuesday.

Below are the updated photos from the dodgeball and chess, as well as a points table update and the cross country course. Double points available for the cross country!