Thursday, 29 June 2017

Model United Nations

A few weeks ago a keen bunch of Year 10's participated in a Model United Nations event for a full day here at school. The students were each given a country to represent and had to partake in a debate about a range of topics, including Refugees and World Aid. Students had to research and present ideas from their country's perspective. A big thanks to Mrs McDiarmid, and Shine and Lilly (from Year 12) for their organisation of the day.

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Junior Basketball

The Junior Basketball season has started for 2017. Last week three junior boys teams all were playing at home. I was lucky enough to be there and support our teams. Thanks to all the volunteers and parents who make school sport a real success at Newlands College. Here is a few pics of our boys and girls in action.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Rock Of Ages!!!

Come on feel the noize!

Rock of ages was an amazing experience. The 2017 musical production was Nothin’ But a Good Time and being stage manger for these talented young people was Just Like Living In Paradise. It is safe to say Newlands, Wellington has never seen a show so spectacular, after all, We Built This City on Rock and Roll. In February 75 students, plus numerous extras (30 Year 10’s involved) decided to say “I Wanna Rock” and signed up for an epic adventure and now that it is over these students will have Too Much Time On Their Hands.

More Than Words are needed to describe the show, so below is a few good photos. For a small few Year 10’s it was ‘Here I go Again’ as they signed up for the second year in a row. Friday night was the closing night, The Final Countdown to what was Newlands College’s best ever show in my opinion. In the Heat Of The Moment, the students performed like the stars they are.

A special shout out to Jesse Garrett for his superb rendition of Hit Me With Your Best Shot. The cast was a pleasure to work with, hope to see more people involved next year! Don’t Stop Believing’!